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I am an Emacs enthusiast, so I welcome you to my customized Emacs themed blog. Since I don't have an eye for design, I just emulate my working Emacs environment to pass for personality.

My blog is categorized by minor modes.
  • Living my life in Emacs, I want to show my love and support on how it changed my life. Also as a polyglot and idealist, I talk about hacks, ideas, lessons and musings from various fields that you might hopefully find useful.
  • I watch too many films and play too much video games. Since I can't play and watch everything, I tend pick and choose quality, meaning and personal value to maximize time and minimize frustration.

To get started, click on any of the minor modes above or checkout the latest posts below. Although it takes a long time to research and write papers and presentations, I hope to write something every month but things always seem to happen that take my focus away. Nonetheless, I hope you find these writings useful or entertaining or both.

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