Hello Watchmen

So I just create a new blog for my animated viewing experience. As long as it is art, I will consume it. I have been watching, analyzing, discussing, reviewing and recommending visual consumption; I wanted to put talk about as much as hacking, thus the new blog.

This is like the hacking blog, just a personal blog which I take my leisure in writing about things that inspire. I do envy people who can write creatively under pressure. I do take a lot of time writing. Very long times. I do realize I now have to split my attention to two blogs but since I am inspiration driven, I can't guarantee myself writing on a specific topic even if I wanted to. In blog parlance I believe it is called cadence, an periodic interval of writing blog entries so that a routine can be established between the writer and the audience. I thought a two week routine is good but I guess I'm not that good. My promise to myself is at least write monthly for both blogs. Not a strong promise but it will have to do.

I do have to say that this is also a technical achievement for myself since I was able to configure the site support multiple blogs, a natural progression I think. I am also refactoring my workflow as an exercise and assessment on how far I've come in being an proud Emacs user. As a side note, that library will be my next topic and demonstration just to refresh my skills. I do enjoy writing my blogs within org-mode, so simple and refreshing as a hacker. The side effect of all this is the change in the main page but I'm still deciding on how it looks like… so get used to I guess.

To chart my course, I'm planning to write on the following topics for this blog:

I do enjoy my solitude and simplicity that if you want to complain about my writing, then shoot me an (kind) email. I don't really go into the forums or comments so I'm pretty oblivious most of the time so I'm not the arbiter or judge for whatever I talk about. My research is personal, so you can like or hate it but I won't really care that much although I am inclined to the former.

Whatever, so again hello video watching blog. So I dub this side blog The Watcher and the main The Hacker. May I write or die.