Blog Update

It has been quite a while since I wrote something, breaking my own goals of writing a blog entry for my two blog categories. I have been quite busy ramping up to Elixir language and Phoenix framework to develop the backend because of the promise of efficient sockets. If the project was a routine REST API, I need not find a suitable language from the stack of PHP as the REST API and NodeJS with Redis as the socket server that can be tricky to scale and maintain. I took a great burden for myself and my team in making this decision which I must own up and show the trade-off is valuable to the customers and company.

For the past working months, I have been busy in learning and leading this endeavor; however, I have not been idle with any creative ideas. In particular, my quest for a sample React Redux application led me to develop a UI for code-maat that will be an article once I have integrated D3 visualization. With the same lead, I plan to make a simple platforming game in the same stack to consider the theme of solitude though the mechanics are still in the pipes. Sadly, promises of new article is as vague as the wind.

In light of my decision and lack of articles, I plan to write a series of short articles for the new language to aid in my review as well as knowledge sharing. Series name aside, this new short series is not part of the main course thus it will not appear in the news feed to avoid feed noise. This new series will take time and attention from writing in my main blog but this is more aligned at the moment with my objective and education. For this optional series, I expect to write at least one article a week if I can. Although I am not an expert, I expect the same or better quality and attention in writing and research. Expect the first article by this week or the weekend.

Although this update may not be good news, I do miss the days and feeling of writing. For now, priorities and decisions must be realigned and this short series will fill the gap.