Hello Meta

This sub-blog, Meta, is meant primarily for notifications or announcements, thus it has no dedicated section itself. Primarily, these posts are not for Hacker or Watcher blogs but for the status of the blog or audience itself. A space to explain myself, thus it does not deserve its own space as it is personal.

After living in my writing and hacking paradise for a long time, it is time to return to the field. Precisely, I start working this coming Monday (April 10, 2017). The loss in time will affect my ability to produce well crafted and creative articles where my goal is to write an article for each blog monthly which is two articles monthly.

Refactoring the schedule and intention, I plan to write an article biweekly, hopefully covering both blogs. For now, I will publish an article for each blog this Sunday (April 09, 2017) to mark my change in lifestyle. For the Hacker blog, it is about the builtin bar chart library of Emacs, chart; for Watcher, it is an analysis on Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (2003).

I do hope I can finish it in time as I still have to study and review everything needed to work productively and efficiently. My history of procrastination haunts my future outlook. Someday, I can make my writing content better and my living. Someday.